Monday, 17 June 2013

Monday, Monday......

Another Monday already, following hot on the heels of a rather lovely weekend, one highlight of which included standing on Hastings beach in the teeth of a howling gale, watching the Vulcan bomber display.   On one of the passes it flew with its bomb bay doors  wide open right over our heads..... not a situation you'd ordinarily wish to be in!  Thankfully we were not subjected to 'friendly fire'.

Further highlights featured sharing a delicious, gargantuan fish platter with friends on Saturday.  It was so big it had to be served in a boat which took up 3/4 of their dining room table.

Sunday, and a trip to the tennis championships at Eastbourne and a Centre Court experience which included an exhibition match by Greg Rudeski and Mark Phillipoussis, both of whom I'd actually heard of, unlike most of the others in the order of play.  In fact I am so out of touch with the current players that I spent 15 minutes of the first match rooting for the wrong girl.

We'd gone prepared for ALL eventualities..... waterproof jackets, jumpers, umbrella, sun cream, sunglasses...... and in the event, got to use most of them, as during the afternoon the clouds parted and we were treated to the unaccustomed sight of the sun shining from a bright blue sky.  In unison, the spectators peeled off coats, jackets and jumpers and donned hats and sunglasses. 

Back to reality today though, and as if to drive the point home, the skies are leaden grey and it's been raining intermittently.  I've begun to despair of us having a proper summer this year, as we're already past mid-June and I can count the number of good weather days we've had on the fingers of one hand.



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Debbie said...

British Summer Time, don't you just Love it..