Tuesday, 25 June 2013

I shall be fashionably late......

Following hot on the heels of the serendipitous find in my last post, I discovered today that there is no way my workroom will be ready for the 'first night' on 12 July.

To say that this is a bit of a blow is an understatement.... I had been banking on it being done and dusted by then, instead of which it may drag on for up to a further week!

The hiatus has been caused by a delay in our house renovation works, which have been put back again and are now due to start at the end of the first week in July.

*frustrated sigh*

So now I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place.  Do I go ahead regardless and completely empty the workroom so that I can get on with the redecoration, which will mean that it will be out of commission for two weeks instead of just one (which, incidentally, is bad enough!)?

Or do I hang fire for another week until the work starts as originally planned?

A week more or less may not seem like much, but every day that the workroom is out of commission means that the business is effectively closed.  Not only will nothing be created, but all of our stock will be packed away and difficult to access as the contents of the room will be scattered throughout the rest of the house, wherever there's a bit of spare space.

Right now I'm inclined to just bit the bullet and clear everything out at the end of this week, leaving me plenty of time to get the room cleaned, painted, carpet lifted etc etc etc.  These things always take far longer than anticipated.  Of course the other side of that coin is that we will 'lose' the sitting room, dining room and two of the bedrooms.  If things get really bad we can always decamp to the caravan, which would please Small Dog no end.

So, I shall be fashionably late to the Blog Party, and the grand reveal of my revamped workroom.

In the meantime I urgently need to make a project management flow chart in lieu of actually doing any work.....



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