Thursday, 3 July 2008

Eureka moment........

D'you ever have one of those days when you're just constantly chasing your tail?

When you have a great long list of things to do and no sooner do you start one than there's an interruption and you lose track of what you were doing?

When you put down your 'to do' list for one minute, then can't find it for over an hour, having turned the place upside down?

When you suddenly have a cracking idea, but between having it, and finding something to write it on, you forget the idea?

Well my day today was just like that.

So while I was fruitlessly hunting for my 'to do' list I had a blinding flash of inspiration.

Why does no-one make a wrist notepad? I Googled for same and found nothing.

It's not rocket science. Just a small notepad, mounted on an elasticated wristband which fastens with velcro.

Even better, a continuous roll of paper which could be wound backwards and forwards.

Even better still, a small integral pencil, with eraser on the end.

Now WHY doesn't anyone make these? I'd take a dozen.

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