Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Magic & Mystery.............

Have finally got round to listing some new items on the website courtesy of El Mysterioso, the aspiring young magician. He has been diligently practicising his sleight of hand tricks including pulling bunches of flowers out of thin air, conjuring up a rubber chicken......... and is only slightly flustered when his false moustache comes unstuck, which is often.

However there are still a dozen or so 'works in progress' on my worktable, including a new boxed magic set, various art and craft boards and some rather good puppets, which I'm really pleased with so far.

In addition, our latest summer project home workshop pack is now available to order. Full details are on the Tower House Dolls website.

Quite a productive week so far then, which is just as well as our summer break is just around the corner..........starting this weekend in fact. Small dog can hardly contain herself!

Woo and indeed hoo!

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