Friday, 25 July 2008

Holiday Wind-Down.........

And so at just after 3 pm on this sunny Friday afternoon, we three are now in full pre-holiday wind-down mode. I had envisaged that we would make it through till 5 pm before 'clocking off', but that was probably always a vain hope.

Nevertheless, after a concerted cleaning effort, our little camper van is now gleaming inside and out, and will be carefully re-packed over the next two days.

After the weekend we are off on holiday, meeting up with some fellow camping

reprobates friends for a week of partying by the sea.

The campsite is set in a lovely secluded valley but is only a 10 minute walk from the sea front, so it's one of our favourite destinations.
In order to maintain the holiday spirit regardless of the weather, we have planned a series of diversions which will include the following camping games...........

  • Guess the cocktail. The clue is in the title but basically, each couple have to concoct a cocktail. Other couples then have to guess the ingredients. Couple with the most correct guesses over the course of the evening wins. This has the potential for ending in a rout. Or should that be riot.
  • Balloon hat - contestants must make a wearable hat using modelling balloons.
  • Know your Partner - card game which is excruciatingly embarrassing.
  • Name that Tune. A karaoke variant of this popular parlour game *ahem*
  • Name that Animal - a modelling balloon variant of the above. Contestants must make a recognisable balloon animal. No snakes.
As you may surmise, we are aiming for a low-key week of quiet sobriety, philosophical contemplation and grown-up conversation. My reading matter will include Nietzsche for Dummies and the pop-up version of "A La Recherche du Temps Perdu".

Small dog, who has taken an active interest in all the preparations, will be modelling the very latest in doggy swimwear.......the dogkini.

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