Wednesday, 9 July 2008


I am bitterly bemoaning the current appalling weather.

It feels more like March or November than the height of summer. Wind and rain have been continuously lashing down for the past three days and the temperature has plummeted.

The only upside is that the chore of watering the patio planters has been removed. However my hitherto gloriously blooming flower display is looking very sorry for itself, having been battered by rain and wind for 72 consecutive hours so far this week. The poor plants are huddled together for shelter and look as though they are shivering with cold.

Small dog has taken to her bed for the duration with an extra blanket for insulation. She hates going outdoors in such inclement weather as just a few minutes in the long grass leaves her soaking wet. As was evidenced just a few minutes ago.........

She had been surveying the damp scene in the garden from the patio doors, when she spied a squirrel on the lawn, busily engaged in foraging in the long grass. As she views flagrant incursions into her garden as an act of war, she immediately requested leave to chase the intruder, and as soon as the kitchen door was opened, she literally flew outside and up the garden steps. Of course, as she started squealing before she was even out the door, her element of surprise was lost, and the squirrel was long gone. This did not dampen her spirit however, and she spent the subsequent 10 minutes checking the perimeter and thoroughly investigating the route the squirrel had taken around the garden.

And so, completely soaked but with the air of a job well done, she has now returned and has been forcibly intercepted in her whirlwind journey progress around the house, up and down the stairs, rubbing her head and body all over the carpets in an attempt to dry herself.

The house is now permeated with the smell of small wet dog.............

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