Friday, 4 July 2008

Time to down tools.............

Small dog has an internal alarm clock which goes off every day between 5-6pm.

Wherever she is.......either in the house or garden, she comes trotting purposefully into the workroom or office and gives one of us a firm poke with both her front paws. She then stands back, head on one side as if to say:

"Don't you know what time it is? Almost dinnertime. So stop doing whatever it is you're doing and follow me into the kitchen. NOW!"

She's just done it to me again, so I'm now going to do as she suggests and meander into the kitchen to put a bottle of something into the 'quick chill' compartment. If small dog is very lucky, I'll then play a few rounds of 'Throw the Squeaky Ball'. This is currently her favourite game, ousting her previous game of choice, which has had to be abandoned due to her having chewed the head off her rubber chicken so it no longer squeaks.

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