Sunday, 13 July 2008

Ring of confidence...........

D'you remember those toothpaste ads years ago which gave the user a sparkling ring of fresh breath confidence accentuated by a little star.......... *ting* ?

Well, we've been trying to do a similar thing for small dog. With mixed success.

At her recent booster vaccination and check up, the vet suggested that we brush her teeth to get rid of plaque build-up. So, we dutifully got a special dog toothbrush which slips over a finger, and has little rubbery bristles.

So far so good.

Small dog does not have a good track record relating to compliance with things that are 'good' for her, like having her ears plucked, or her claws clipped, or indeed any personal hygiene procedures.

At best she is sulky and uncooperative, as when she has to be bathed.

At worst she can become a growling, snarling bundle of snapping teeth, as when any potentially painful procedures are attempted.

Given that brushing the aforementioned fangs means getting up real close and personal with them, this plays right into her paws.

She may be small, but she can be very squirmy, and getting her into the right position for tooth brushing necessitates tucking her under one arm in a vice like grip, and prising open her jaws. It is then a race against time to complete the task within her brief 'goodwill' period, which can often be as short as a few seconds. When she decides she has had enough, it is then every creature for itself and she will practically turn herself inside out trying to escape.

Hopefully she'll get used to it over time, and will soon be sporting a set of gleaming gnashers.

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