Saturday, 19 July 2008

Yet another deadline.............


The countdown timer on my desktop informs me that there are 140 days remaining till the Kensington Christmas Festival.

Sounds like a long time doesn't it?

A quick calculation reveals that 140 days is exactly 20 weeks.

Which doesn't sound much time at all.

Or to put it another way, 5 months. Which, perversely, feels much longer than 140 days.

But that's the thing about's all relative.

However, I now have yet another deadline looming, courtesy of being invited to feature my toy shop (remember it???!!) in the Christmas issue of one of our UK miniatures magazines.

Front cover no less.

I took mere nanoseconds to carefully consider the proposal, before accepting, only then to discover that the cover shot would have to be ready for approval by 4 September.
Now if you scroll back through the blog archive, you will discover that the last time I actually did any work on the toy shop, was 5 January this year. I have occasionally glanced at it longingly in the interim, but aside from 'playing' with the stock of miniature toys, which are neatly categorised in boxes, I have still to complete the exterior.

So, notebook in hand, I have just spent the last hour or so, carefully listing all the remaining jobs and planning a work schedule for completion of the shop.

No pressure....................

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