Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Autumn beckons...........


Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.

Or more accurately, season of monsoons and cloudbursts.

Today the rain has vacillated between steady drizzle, heavy showers and downright downpours.

Small dog's occasional forays out into the garden have resulted in her returning soaked to the skin and resembling nothing so much as a drowned rat. Also, she insists of jumping up on my lap to demonstrate just how wet her paws really are, abandoning me for the dry warmth of her basket only after my trousers have soaked up all the water from her feet and legs. So I perform the duty of a sort of human towel.

I am not a great fan of autumn, heralding as it does, the advent of shorter, colder, greyer days. The garden transforms practically overnight into a sodden mess, covered in fallen leaves which quickly become slippery and treacherous.

However, hopefully, for a few brief weeks, there will be a break in the rainclouds and the sun will shine, highlighting some wonderful autumnal colour..........

Fingers crossed!

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