Sunday, 28 September 2008

Going Global................

Regular readers of this blog will remember my penchant for maps (Wagons on 1 April 2008). It's probably a bit nerdy but give me an atlas, or a map, the more detailed the better, and I'm happy for hours..... days even.

Since adding the nifty little gizmo which shows on a map where my blog readers reside, I've been following the progress of the rash of little red dots with growing amazement.

Apparently people have been logging on to read this tosh literary offering *ahem* from some of the most unusual and exotic places on the planet.

Such as the shores of Hudson Bay, the foothills of both the Andes and the Himalayas respectively, the red centre of Australia, the desert heart of Saudi Arabia, the forests of Malaysia, the southernmost tip of South Africa (hello Margaret!), Russia, China and Japan, not to mention the mid-Pacific island of Hawaii!

So, in order to satisfy my cartographic curiosity, I'd be grateful if some of my further-flung readers would post the occasional comment to let me know where they're from so I can plot them more accurately on my wall map.

Note to self - as the new 'work regime' officially starts tomorrow, this does NOT count as displacement activity.
Addendum to note to self - even Mon-Fri this could legitimately count as 'research'


PS.... while engaged in perfectly legitimate research to find a suitable map to illustrate this post I found one which superbly demonstrates my fascination with maps, even fanciful ones.....
I particularly like the 'Here Be Anthropomorphic Dragons"

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