Monday, 8 September 2008

Toy Shop News.........

Yes, the toy shop is finally finished, and I'm straining at the leash to make a start on the basement, which is currently in kit form.

Some new toys are finally off the drawing board now too, including a very exotic pullalong zebra!



BECK said...

how was your day?
i liked your blog
you are fantastic!!!

really nice blog
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take care
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Monica in IL said...

Beautiful, Sandra! I am currently planning my Victorian toy-shop room box. Will you show pictures of your interior, too? Any research sites you recommend? Thanks.

Sandra Morris said...

Thanks Monica! I'll be posting pictures of the interior over the coming weeks. Getting specific information on Victorian toy shops was difficult but try Googling 'Lowther Arcade' for details of a famous street of toy shops in Victorian London. Email me for a list of books I found helpful.