Sunday, 28 September 2008

Geocaching virgins...........

It was Perfectionist Partner's birthday a week or so back, so in the pursuit of the Perfect Present I bought a selection of geocaching gadgets and a book.

In the intervening time, PP has been perusing the instructional book "Geocaching For Dummies", practicing with the waypoint finder GPS thingy and looking on the geocaching site for details of caches in our area.

We were astounded to discover that within just a 3 mile diameter of our house, there are 39 caches! So off we set today, small dog in tow, to try to find our first ever cache.

After scrambling around in the undergrowth on the cliff top for 40 minutes we did eventually find it, hidden in the fork of a tree, so after completing the log, swapping some geoswag and flushed with success set of to find a second, only a mile or so away down the coast. This proved more difficult to locate, as the cache was contained in a very small film canister (microcache). The second location was also much busier and we attracted quite a bit of bemused attention from passers-by as we surreptitiously tried to poke about in the undergrowth, trying to look as little like potential terrorists as possible. Even small dog eventually tried to disassociate herself from us by hiding behind our backpack on the ground.

Eventually though, after a further 30 minutes, PP found the tiny, camouflaged canister, which we took down onto the beach to investigate further, log the details, then carefully return to its hiding place.

For those of you who have absolutely no idea what geocaching is (which is probably most, if not all), the easiest thing for me to do by way of explanation, is to point you here.

So, great fun in the great outdoors. The thrill of the chase, the satisfaction of the find, and views to die for...............

The view from the cliff top near our very first geocache find!

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