Saturday, 27 September 2008

Countdown to Kensington...........

The friendly countdown timer on my laptop screen now informs me that there are 70 days remaining till the Kensington Fair.

For some reason best known to itself, it has also added the time remaining in hours, minutes and seconds. Hence at time of writing I have exactly 1662 hours, 24 minutes and 59 53, erm 44..........well you get the gist.

I am not sure whether I find this comforting or worrying.

70 days is, after all, 10 weeks. So plenty of time to finish the dozen or so projects coming through the 'research and development' stage. To say nothing of the gargantuan list of new ideas I'm trying to work my way through.

Then there's the small business of actually earning a living in the midst of all the fair preparations. So what it all boils down to is having to initiate a new regime, starting Monday.

The regime, will work like this.

In theory.
  • Mon-Fri - be at work desk by 8am each morning, following brief breakfast appraisal of what has to be achieved each day.
  • No time wasting messing about on the internet, except for research purposes *ahem*
  • All tea breaks limited to 10 minutes max. However chocolate biscuits will be deemed compulsory to combat potential dangerously low blood sugar levels.
  • I will, absolutely, categorically, definitely and without fail, TIDY MY WORK AREA at the end of EVERY day. Admittedly, I do see the point of this, as it will save me much valuable time looking for stuff which is always hidden at the bottom of the pile. Yes, it goes against my whole creative chaos grain, but needs must.
  • Consorting with small dog must be kept to a minimum during working hours. Any attempt by her to engage me non-work related shenanigans must be ignored.
  • Set a list of achievable work targets week-by-week. This is of course easier said than done.
Well that's enough to be going on with, for the time being. Time now for a glass of something chilled methinks..............

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