Friday, 26 September 2008

Corpus Canis...........

One of the miniature artisan forums to which I contribute regularly, has had an interesting thread recently based on what we all do, or rather the individual components which make up our daily working lives.

These ranged from the artistic to technical and the sublime to the ridiculous. One of the more erudite members of the group appended Corpus Canis to his list, which really tickled me. I want a T-shirt with that printed on!

Anyhoo, it got me thinking, the whole self-employed job specifications thing, and I spent a few minutes over breakfast this morning idly compiling a list of jobs I've undertaken over the past few months, over and above making miniature dolls and toys.

Some I perform daily, others less regularly, but they can ALL be legitimately added to my CV, and that of Perfectionist Partner, who could probably add several more of her own. I haven't been able to ask Small Dog as she's currently having an extended nap.

So, here, in no particular order, is what I do..................

Craft Artisan - self employed.
List of job responsibilities and transferable skills:
  • Designer
  • Researcher
  • Graphic Designer
  • Website Administrator
  • Marketing Director
  • Accountant
  • Financial Director
  • Press & Communications Officer
  • Copy Writer/Proof Reader
  • Print Operator
  • Advertising Director
  • Customer Services Officer
  • Buyer/Purchasing Clerk
  • Negotiator
  • Mechanical/Electrical Technician
  • Computer Operator
  • Typist
  • Invoice Clerk
  • PR Consultant
  • Photographer
  • Teacher
  • Video Operator/Editor
  • Packaging Clerk
  • Health & Safety Officer
  • Events Organiser/Coordinator
  • Manager
  • Catalogue Designer
  • Blog Editor
  • Quality Control Officer
And there's probably a few more I haven't thought of.

And yes, I do do ALL of the above.

Yes really.

For example, a relatively unlikely title from the list is Mechanical/Electrical Technician, but since we carry out all our own routine maintenance on the kiln, including programming the computer-controlled regulator, calibrating and checking firing temperatures and replacing worn out kiln elements, then it most certainly qualifies.

So you see, when someone says "...and what do YOU do?" I can now present them with a definitive list.

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