Friday, 26 September 2008

NEW Online Class

I've just managed to snuck this in before the end of the month so am feeling rather virtuous.

Our latest online class is now available for registration. For full details click on the picture, which says it all really................

And yes.

Yes, the rubber chicken IS included. Now that's not an offer you get every day........


Anonymous said...

can i jest hev a sniffff of the rabbit ? Luv Abbey

Sandra Morris said...

Hello Abbey,
Thank you for your question which I have passed to El Mysterioso for comment.
Unfortunately, his rabbit, who goes by the name of Percival, suffers from dreadful stage fright before each performance, so El Mysterioso hopes you will understand if he respectfully declines your request. He is rather concerned that indiscriminate 'sniffins' could seriously compromise Percival's magical abilities.
With regards
pp El Mysterioso