Wednesday, 4 February 2009


Small dog is traumatised.

It was brought on by the delivery yesterday morning of an extremely large box addressed to PP, and delivered by the postman who trudged up the still snow-covered driveway and puffed.......

"'Ere you go to get this 'normous box out the back of the van before I can even see what else there is in there........."

So when I say large, I do mean large. Over a metre square!

Small dog, who is always extremely interested in postal deliveries, escorted both me and the box upstairs to PP, where it was laid on the bed, blocking out the sun.

As soon as the flaps were opened, three huge helium-filled balloons floated up out of the box, stopping only when they reached the end of their ribbon tethers, where they bobbed and swayed gently.

Immediately, small dog leapt off the bed and ran round the room, out the door, along the landing, back again, downstairs, upstairs, and back into the room where she stood barking like a maniac.
I have positioned the balloons by the window where PP can enjoy them. From her vantage point by PP's side, small dog keeps a watchful,wary eye on them, occasionally venturing down to the foot of the bed to give them a hard stare.

A definite case of Globophobia if ever I saw it.

Which, come to think of it, forms a neat counterpoint to one of my own.......Coulrophobia


Debbie said...

I have to admit that I also HATE clowns.. Sinister. When Ben was tiny we went into a toy shop and there in his full glory was a Clown. Who proceeded straight towards me. My Dad who was with us, told him to back off as I was ready to lay him out.. Horrible, Horrible Clowns..

rosanna said...

Hi Sandra, i'm passing an award to you. Please pick it up at my blog.
I also think that clown are scaring...brrr