Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Simple pleasures..........

Yesterday culminated in a dark and stormy night. By 9pm I was flagging, so retreated to bed early, with a cup of tea and a Kit Kat, as is my wont.

Small dog is always remarkably attentive at bedtime, especially if she spots a mug of tea being transported upstairs. Her attention is trebled if she catches the merest hint of a rustle, which signifies a wrapped posh biscuit. If the wrapper is red she is enraptured at the prospect of a snippet of nekked Kit Kat (ie the crispy,wafery bit after the chocolate has been nibbled off)
During the bedtime routine of heated blanket adjustment, ablutions, PJ donning etc, small dog selflessly guards the biscuit zone, not even blinking, lest some unscrupulous biscuit thief makes off with the object of her desire.

So, finally snuggled in bed, pillows plumped, book propped, tea to hand, I reached for my Kit Kat, unwrapped it under the unwavering gaze of small dog, and proceeded to nibble the end, prior to reaching the crunchy wafer. I was halfway along the first bit when the realisation dawned that I had inadvertently acquired a faulty biscuit.

Faulty, in the sense that it was ALL CHOCOLATE, with NO WAFER.

This presents a real quandary to the seasoned Kit Kat connoisseur. Non-faulty Kit Kats are ten a penny. An all chocolate biscuit comes along once in a blue moon.
Yes there is the initial disappointment of the lack of crunchy wafer, but it is immediately followed by the satisfaction of having a solid chunk of chocolate, which is well worth its weight in gold....or even chocolate.

Small dog however was devastated. A smidgen of denuded wafer is her special treat and having guarded the biscuit so diligently, she felt particularly hard done by that the faulty version robbed her of this.

So, there you have it.........simple pleasures include discovering a faulty biscuit with a built-in bonus.

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Debbie said...

I love that when you discover a solid Chocolate Kit Kat..
Hope PP gets on OK at the hospital today. Keep us updated.