Monday, 2 February 2009

New - Victorian Toy Perambulators!

I am pleased to unveil the latest additions to the Diminutive Dolls range..... authentic miniature handcrafted Victorian-style wicker toy prams.

They have been many weeks in 'research and development' but I've finally cracked it and in the last few days the design has really come together and I have completed a few which meet my rigourous high standards.

They are scaled to represent toy prams for the 1/12th scale miniature doll's house child, and are perfect for my tiny porcelain baby dolls which measure just 1" tall.

The 'first editions' are now available on the website

There will never be two exactly the same, and I already have several ideas on the drawing board for alternative designs and styles.

However, here are my first wickerwork toy baby carriages.......

Don't you just love it when all the hard work pays off...........?!


rosanna said...

My hubby said WOW!! the perambulator is incredibly cute. Such a good work,Did the bad weather help it?

Debbie said...

Sandra they are lovely. Well done you..

Anonymous said...

They are lovely