Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Hospital blues........

So, one trip to hospital today, and yet another tomorrow to look forward to. Several tests today threw no light on the cause of PP's current problems, so they want to do more tests tomorrow.

Most likely culprit is a new med, which is now to be withdrawn to see if things improve. This is not exactly proactive intervention, but if there is no improvement over the next week we can request a further assessment.

It is interesting to know that the hospital currently have NO beds available.

Not one.

In these circumstances, emergencies are normally re-routed to Eastbourne A&E but apparently Eastbourne DGH is in an even worse state bedwise. Although it's difficult to imagine what is worse than having no beds.....except perhaps patients having to lie out in the car park.

Ay carumba............!

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rosanna said...

Oh well, most hospitals in Italy make their patients "at ease" in the corridors!!! especially those in the South. Yet it is unbelievable, there has been done so many cuts to National Health that it is a miracle that we can get any cure at all. I supposed that GB was better. My son Matteo wants to graduate in Medicine and then come in UK. May be he has to rethink his plans...
I really wish that they find out what's PP problem, I wish you both a better tomorrow. Mini hugs