Saturday, 7 February 2009

Working weekend..........

Woke early this morning to a light dusting of snow. The white stuff has really lost its lustre.

No matter however, as I have a packed working weekend stretching in front of me, interspersed with what have become standard nursing duties as PP is still indisposed.

My exciting schedule today includes:

  • Unloading final paint fired characters from the kiln
  • A few hours of stringing tiny arms and legs onto the smallest dolls
  • More work on the several vintage pullalong toys on my workdesk.
  • Remake elephant howdah
  • Revise and print brochures for Thame Fair
  • Photograph new items for website
  • Housekeeping on website, upload new items and have a general tidy up
Better go and get on with it then.............


Debbie said...

Looks like you have a busy day ahead, so no displacement therapy today. LOL

Sandra Morris said...

Perish the thought.......... ;-)

rosanna said...

Looks a busy day, better still, if you can do so many things most probably everything is going back to normal. Wish you good work ;o)

Sandra Morris said...

Rosanna......I wish!
So far I have only done two out of the seven tasks :-(