Thursday, 19 February 2009

Last post...............

After a truly frantic day today I am fit to drop.

All the display stand and stock are packed.

I have reams and reams of printed map directions to act as back up to Nav Woman, who is, frankly, rubbish.

Have liaised with Gorgeous Daughter as to her ETA at the railway station and will pick her up at 5.22 precisely (Chiltern Rail punctuality permitting).

Have sort of packed clothing and toiletries, with the help of small dog, who supervised from her viewing point perched on my pillow.

Am off to bed now in the hope of a dreamless sleep, devoid of nightmares of getting hopelessly lost, car breaking down, being pursued by flesh-eating zombies or any other likely scenarios.

Although Thame Travelodge claims to be Wi-Fi enabled, I am going 'sans laptop' but will make copious notes to aid my less than total recall for blogging purposes.

Wish me luck......................


rosanna said...

Have a nice journey, I'm pretty sure you'll arrive safe and sound. Good luck

Debbie said...

Safe journey and good luck at the fair. Don't forget the camera we want pictures..

San said...

GOOD LUCK! Sandra! Not that you will need it :)