Sunday, 15 February 2009

Panic Room...........

The realisation has dawned that I have just 6 days preparation time remaining before the Thame Fair next Saturday. Back at the beginning of the year, the weeks stretched in front of me, fecund with promise. However, having been thoroughly derailed by PP's trauma over the past month, all of my good intentions regarding work have fallen by the wayside.

Having had a wonderfully indulgent, lazy day yesterday, I am now wracked with guilt and panic and am determined to get my ducks lined up today.


I am writing a list.

Ho yus.

Well several lists actually.

There is the list of URGENT THINGS TO DO, which includes finishing off the few almost completed items on my workdesk.

There is the list of ORDERS WHICH HAVE TO BE COMPLETED, and packaged ready to go, hopefully tomorrow.

There is the PACKING LIST, which is sub-divided into two sections - one for the display stand and related paraphernalia, the other for my own packing needs, as I will be away for two nights.

There is the LIST OF SAT-NAV coordinates, which will hopefully get me from A-B and to and from hotel, fair venue, railway station etc.

There is the list of STUFF TO PRINT, which is the list I'm working through this morning.

Oh and there is also a LIST OF LISTS, just in case I misplace an important list.

So, this morning I have redesigned our information brochure, updated it with new photos, ran it past PP who pointed out all the mistakes, rectified the mistakes, and am now printing out a few dozen on the new printer, which is making remarkably light work of it.

This afternoon I will be working on the orders which have to go out tomorrow, and starting to organise the packing of all the little toys etc. Having only a very small car, everything needs to be 'packed down' to the nth degree, and the display stand itself, even in its dismantled state, takes up more than it's fair share of space.

PP is on very light duties, and I'm hoping that she will take on the design and printing of labels and price cards for the stand. She has a much better working relationship with the old printer than I ever had, although that may have more to do with being connected directly to it, rather than having to negotiate the vagaries of our wireless network in order to communicate with it.

Anyhoo, so far so good. My positive work ethic is reaping dividends and I might even end up ahead of the posse by this evening.



Debbie said...

Good Luck with the list Sandra. Absolutely no displacement therapy today.. LOL..

Sandra Morris said...

Absolutely not Debbie.