Saturday, 14 February 2009

V Day........................

Have had a wonderfully relaxing and indulgent day today.........langourous lie-in after late night, breakfast in bed, walk along the seafront and a gorgeous meal to look forward to later this evening complete with pink bubbly.

Great night had by all last night, as the glitterati of London and Brighton descended on sleepy Bexhill-on-Sea for an evening of Valentine excess.

My personal favourite performer was Lucifire, who sizzled through a fiery act followed by an equally scorching and sultry Marlene Deitrich number later in the evening.

The whole event could best be described as a mixture of cabaret, performance art and burlesque - kitsch, camp, decadent, off the wall............and just plain entertaining good fun.

We didn't make it right till the end of the evening, but we did manage to see all the acts and trundled home at 1 a.m. tired but happy to be back in the surreal world.


rosanna said...

I'm really happy you have enjoied it so much. It is so nice to forget daily life from time to time.
Semel in anno licet insanire

depesando said...

we had the best time ever on Saturday, if we had sat in the seats we had booked - fire lady would have been the death of me, thank God we decided to stand instead!!!

Sandra Morris said...

She nearly had one chap's eye out with her whip. His only consolation would have been that the wound would have been instantly cauterised.
Still.....all good, clean(ish) fun and a great time had by all.