Saturday, 20 June 2009

Displacement Saturday...............Part 1

This last week has been a doozer..........but not in a good way.

A whole series of unfortunate events punctuated the week including, in no particular order:
  • My spending a whole morning at A&E with a suspected DVT, confirmed by a positive D-Dimer blood test, but subsequently ruled out by an ultrasound scan. So evidence of clotting activity but no clot where the pain was. To be fair, I was seen pretty damn quick, with none of that hokey cokey,' in-out-in-out-wait- a -while- about' nonsense. It was standing room only in the waiting room and it seemed as if half of Hastings had come to A&E purely for a day out, nursing what looked like ridiculously minor, trivial injuries. Doesn't anyone know how to do first aid any more?
  • PP has 'done her back' and is walking around like a crab, rattling with painkillers, unable to bend, stretch or lift anything.
  • Small Dog traumatised by visit to vet, where she had her claws clipped, ear canals plucked and annual booster injection.....much to her clearly expressed disgust. Luckily we all escaped with only minor flesh wounds which didn't require a visit to A&E. She has also had an upset tummy all week, with predictably gooey consequences, and as PP can't bend, stretch or lift anything, it has fallen to me to perform the required decontamination procedures and wash SD's nether regions each time she returns from a dash to the garden.
  • Campervan failed its MOT which means it has to go to the motor equivalent of A&E next week for extensive surgery which will cost us an arm and leg.
  • My fantastic Ipod dock speaker system died suddenly last night, just two months out of warranty. I suspect it's the internal power unit. Visited some user forums on the net to discover that any number of other people have had the same problem, many of them within the warranty period. However the company's website is offline and apparently emails, letters, phone calls are all going unanswered. Further digging revealed that the company was bought out in May of this year and it is impossible to contact the new owner. Bugger!
  • For the first time in my life I have a dreadful case of hay fever. It's so bad that I can't breathe properly, despite taking maximum doses of anti-histamines.
I'm sure there have been other 'challenges' but that's enough to be going on with.

So I hereby declare today to be Displacement Saturday and intend to do absolutely nothing practical, useful or work-related, and instead dedicate myself to faffing about with mindless diverting trivia.

So there.


tattyhousehastings said...

Sounds like you need a Displacement Saturday...nasty week then. And it might rain today. Still I'm doing displacement computing rather than laundry so it's not all doom and gloom.

Debbie said...

Displacement therapy sounds like just the answer to your week then.
Hope PP & SD are both feeling better really soon..

Debie Lyons said...

((( hugs ))
Debie xxx

Anonymous said...

You haven't had the best of weeks. Talk about things coming in threes. That's three for you, three for PP and three for SD.

Glad you didn't have DVT. That's decidedly not nice. Sorry about the camper van too. Hopefully with drastic private medical care it will recover in time for your next outing. Ipod??? Don't even know what that is.

Poor SD being poked and prodded. I can well understand her disgust at such treatment. It's where they stick the thermometer which probably puts her off the whole Vet Scene.

Hopefully next week will be absolutely wonderful for all three of you and you can forget this nasty one.