Sunday, 21 June 2009

The longest day.............

So we are now past the mid-point of the year, and the longest day is upon us. From now on there is the inexorable slide into ever-shortening days and before we know it, it'll be only a few weeks till Christmas.

*barely repressed shudder*

However, despite the glowering grey skies outside, there are hopefully another 3 months of summer in which to revel, and we haven't had our holiday yet either, so woohoo!

Today got off to a good start, thanks to the truly wonderful Freecycle. Someone in Hastings was giving away a selection of china paints, of which we were the lucky recipients.

There then followed a brief period of displacement activity, before guilt kicked in and I decided that instead of faffing about for the whole day, I should really spend at least a few hours in the workroom, where several orders are awaiting my attention, not least a selection of pullalong toys including a giraffe, baby rhino and elephant calf.

And yes, I did make some progress on them, until I got distracted by an idea which has been fermenting in my brain for a while.........a pullalong dodo. So I have spent an amusing hour or two creating a rather supercilious dodo, wearing a frankly ridiculous hat, which is not helping to improve its mood at all. It has therefore developed an unflattering sneering curl to its bill.

I still have to finish it off and made the wheeled platform etc, but when it's done I'll post a picture. Of course I will only be able to make one at a time so that I can legitimately claim that it's the only one.

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