Sunday, 7 June 2009

Vintage Ventriloquists..........

More than 50 votes on the poll first thing this morning, so I seem to have captured the imagination of the dollclub members.

Voting so far is fairly evenly spread, but I was disappointed to see that nobody is interested in the vintage ventriloquist and dummy.

I have a certain morbid fascination with them.....they're quite strange and otherworldly and it takes no leap of the imagination to think of them having a life of their own, independent of their owner.

I remember seeing an old black and white film when I was quite young, about a ventriloquist (played by James Cagney?) and his dummy alter-ego. There's a scene where he has to subdue the dummy and lock him in a suitcase, with the dummy kicking and screaming to be let out.
Then of course there was that famous Twilight Zone episode in which Cliff Robertson plays the ventriloquist and is convinced that his dummy, Willie, is alive and evil.

While trawling for suitable images I also found this great blog post about vintage ventriloquists today, which has a wonderful selection of photos, many of which are quite unsettling.

Hmm...........perhaps on reflection, I can see why no one would want to recreate a vintage ventriloquist and his possibly malevolent dummy, in miniature.

Am I weird or what........?


Debbie said...

They used to frighten me as a child Sandra. Mind you have you seen the film Chucky!?....I rest my case..

Eliza said...

Hi Sandra,
I just tagged you. Thanks for the post about the dollclub, my mom has just started dressing miniature dolls, so she's thrilled with the link!