Saturday, 27 June 2009

Home again, home again......jiggety jig

We had such a lovely time on our 'working away break' that we tagged on an impromptu extra day to take advantage of the wonderful weather and our superb pitch which gave us an unrivalled opportunity to get up close and personal with the plentiful wildlife.

By the end of our three days we were on particularly good speaking terms with a baby thrush, and two baby rabbits, and last night, as we sat outside at dusk, a badger bowled up bold as brass and snuffled its way into the rhododendron bushes a few feet away from us.

Despite feeling sad at having to pack up and come home today, the feeling was somewhat mitigated by the fact that yesterday afternoon a plethora of parents with kids descended on the campsite for the weekend. There's a lot to be said for going camping mid-week during the summer, at least before the schools break up, as there wasn't a single child on the site from Wednesday till Friday late afternoon.


And yes, I did even get a fair amount work done, despite all the bunny distractions

Anyway, here's a selection of our best bits..........


Debbie said...

Glad to hear you had a great time. Love the piccie of SD watching the Bunnie..x

Anonymous said...

Really pleased you had a good break. Bet you feel 100% better for it. Even a couple of days away makes such a difference. Problem is that now that you know you can go away for a break like that and still get some work done you will want to do it again while the weather is good but with the school holidays upon us the campsites will be really busy with screaming kids.

Was SD impressed with her new chair?

I would have loved to have seen the badger.

I take it that the van behaved itself after its major surgery?


Sandra Morris said...

We're going to an 'adult only' site next weekend so thankfully no screaming kids.

Yes Small Dog loves her new chair as it gives her a dog's eye view of what's going on. She spends her life down at shin level, so she loves having the opportunity to be off the ground.

Fingers crossed, the van behaved impeccably.....