Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Nailbiting wait............

Had to be up especially early this morning in order to deliver the campervan for its surgery, which will cost us somewhere in the region of 'OUCH'.

We now have a nailbiting day awaiting the outcome, and the phone call which will inform us that our little van is out of intensive care and recovering nicely, so can we come and collect it.

In the meantime, I'm packing a workbox, with a selection of stuff to make, with the intention of taking a working break for a day or two before the weekend. It would be useful to take the van out and put it through its paces to see that everything is working as it should, and take advantage of the continuing good weather too. Not to mention getting some work done into the bargain, so hopefully a win-win situation all round.

Small dog has given this idea a firm 'paws up' and is packing her bag in anticipation of the trip.

In other news, my pullalong dodo is almost finished, and I'm on the umpteenth edit of my new pram kit instructions, so I'm in that lovely warm, virtuous space which opens up when work is going reasonably well.......for a change.

However despite making progress, my To Do list remains stubbornly long and unwieldy. No matter how many tasks I tick off, there are several more to take their place. It's like trying to empty the ocean with a spoon.

Perhaps a working holiday is just what I need. After all, one of the perks of being self-employed is having the flexibility to work wherever, whenever.



Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are off on (another) jaunt. Of course you can always find excuses to go if you try hard enough. Just driving the van back from the garage would certainly not be enough to know if you have got your moneys worth. (Should there be an apostrophe there somewhere??)

SD definitely needs a break after her traumatic visit to the V-E-T.

Will PP's back hold up with all the jolting and bouncing though?

Actually I am just jealous as Hell of you getting away even for a few days. We don't get that luxury during the summer. It is 24/7 here or we don't eat during the winter.

I love the sign. Might even stick it on our notice board.

Have a very relaxing few days away. Even if you are working it will still feel like a holiday.

After the last week you all deserve it.


Small Dog said...

Well if you think it's a good idea then it's settled :-)
And yes, even if I'm 'working' the change of scene will help.
Love the sign too....it neatly sums up self employment and I'm sure it would raise a smile amongst your guests.

Sandra Morris said...

Oops.....hadn't signed out of Small Dog's blog when I replied to that last comment.
Must watch that!!!!

Anonymous said...

Aaargh - you put me in the notion of a holiday. Soooo if the weather holds we could be off to Iona. Failing that we might go and see the puffins on The Treshnish Isles.

Getting quite excited about it now.


Sandra Morris said...

Now it's me who's jealous. Mull and Iona were on our itinerary for this year and puffins are my most favourite bird for comedy value.

Will you be closing up or do you have stand-in staff to hold the fort while you're gone?

Anonymous said...

It will only be a day trip so we will be closed the night before, leave about 7am and get the ferry across the rapids at Corran then drive to Lochaline and get the ferry to Mull, drive across Mull and get the ferry for Treshnish, spend a couple of hours there (or Iona) and then do the trip in reverse getting home probably about 8 and we will put the sign out and see if we can trawl anyone off the road to stay for the night.

At this time of year we can't afford to take much time off.

It is a lot cheaper doing it that way than going from Oban. The ferry from Oban is really expensive compared to the Lochaline one.