Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Petite perambulators.........

PP and I have been hard at work during the past week, perfecting some new miniature toys to add to our range.

I've been working on new costumes for little toy dolls, and following the success of our 1/12th scale toy prams, PP has raised the bar even higher and produced some gorgeous 1/24 toy prams, one of which is pictured below, alongside one of my toy dolls and a thimble to show the scale.

These tiny wonders are the perfect size for doll's doll's dolls.

Or to put it another way, the dolls which belong to the toy dolls, which belong to 1/12 scale doll's house children!

Not content with these, PP has also made some lovely little toy cribs, which are even smaller!

For full details visit either Diminutive Dolls or Tower House Dolls websites.

In other news, the weather has reverted to type and we have swapped glorious sunshine and balmy temperatures for grey skies and relentless rain and drizzle. While this is good for both the garden and my work ethic, small dog is extremely disgruntled as she simply hates getting wet. Even the prospect of a squirrel chase hasn't been enough to raise her spirits and she has taken to her basket like a small, furry version of Camille.......all pale and quivering.

We are hoping that the weather will have improved by Friday as we're off camping again. I've been checking the forecast on a number of different online weather websites and am going to go with the most optimistic. However till then it's back to work.........


Debie Lyons said...

I love those little prams, do they take a long time to make?
Debie x

Sandra Morris said...


Yes they do.

First the wood for the base has to be cut to size and tiny holes drilled to take the wires, which must be cut to length and glued into the holes. When the base/wire assembly is ready, the weaving can begin, either plain or patterned. Finishing off is also time consuming... the top row of weaving must be fixed with a tiny dot of glue where the thread touches each wire. Excess wire is then cut off as close as possible to the weaving then the tops of the wires are covered with either plaited thread or silk braid.
Pram handles are actually woven into the body of the pram. Then the wheels/chassis is assembled and glued onto the base of the pram.
The tiny silk mattress is padded and added last.


NOT a five minute job!

Debbie said...

The little Pram looks amazing..

tattyhousehastings said...

It's the patience that astonishes me...tiny work, tiny detail, tiny tiny, tiny things.
Well done is all I can say!