Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Nailbiting wait.......part 3

Finally had a call from the garage to say that our little campervan was safely out of surgery and in recovery.

Which is more than can be said for us when we were presented with the bill.


However, the van is now roadworthy and MOT'd and we've thrown caution to the winds and booked to go away for a few nights on a *cough* 'working break'.

As camping is now so 'de rigeur' every Tom, Dick and Harry are now filling every available pitch, so we were a bit pushed to find a local site with availability, but at the 11th hour we have prevailed and will be travelling a mere 10 miles to a site we haven't visited before, taking workboxes and the bare essentials, ie food, wine, pair of shorts and t-shirt each, plus Small Dog's extensive packing list.

Whether or not we actually get any work done will depend on a combination of:
  • The weather
  • Entertainment value of our camping neighbours
  • Wine consumption
  • Vitally important stuff we've forgotten to take
As a fall-back position, if any or all of the above prevent us from hitting our targets, we will work through the weekend instead.

So no pressure there then.

In other news, I absolutely must visit this campsite...........


depesando said...

the weather looks stunning....until Friday, when a months rain will fall.....

tattyhousehastings said...

I'm thinking camper van's are the way ahead because you get to keep all your crucial things in them (wine glasses etc) and don't have to pack for days, which then puts you off camping etc etc.
Have a good weekend - you cool kids, you.

Sandra Morris said...

Well that's ok, as we're coming home on Friday morning and will hopefully avoid the tempest.

Yes Bev, having a campervan is absolutely the way to go. Ours is like a doll's house on wheels, and it's got a special little cupboard to hold essentials like wine glasses and the like.

I could live in it permanently, taking to the open road like Toad in Wind in the Willows......