Monday, 29 June 2009


Good grief it's hot outside today.

Really, really hot.

With no cooling breeze.

Which makes the cool of the workroom a positive sanctuary, despite the chaos created by my usual 'end of the month' tidy up/clearout.

So that's where I'm going to be through the shimmering heat of the noonday sun until it cools down late afternoon, when I might just mosey out onto the patio with a glass of something chilled.

Always assuming that by then the workroom is pristinely tidy and gleaming.


Now I have shamed myself into producing an 'after' photo which shows an improvement.

I may be gone some time..........


rosanna said...

It does not look that bad, not bad as my home is... I love the pics of your camping site, bunnies and all.
We'll be in UK next summer and I am really looking forward to your green countryside. I love it

Sandra Morris said...

I hope you get as good weather as we're having here at the moment when you come to the UK next year!

As to the state of my workroom, somehow the photo doesn't make it look as bad as it is/was.
However I've taken out 5 bags full of rubbish and you can't even see where' I've been.

I think the rubbish must breed in the night.

rosanna said...

No Sandra, I mean that we'll be in UK next August!!!! Too happy about it. First we'll go to Midlands and Lancashire and then Scotland. I truly cannot wait to be on the plane.
Last time I went in Scotland was 1991 and I still have fresh memories.