Tuesday, 2 March 2010

The Barbers of St. Leonards.........

As has been commented on, Small Dog is looking extremely scruffy and unkempt.

We've been planning to give her a haircut for several weeks but what with one thing and another we just haven't got round to it.

However the time has come, and we can put it off no longer, so tomorrow afternoon has been scheduled for her shearing.

Prodigal Son, who is currently chez nous will be drafted in to act as secondary fielder. He may well draw the short straw and get the bitey end.

We will start at the bitey end to take advantage of her brief goodwill period, which can extend to as long as..... ohhhh, a whole 10 minutes.

If we're lucky.

I shall be primary fielder and treat provider. At the end of the goodwill period it will be necessary to distract her with a constant supply of tiny snippets of dog treats. However even treats will only act as distraction for a limited time.

At which point it's everyone for themselves.

PP is the designated trimmer, and will wield comb and scissors with consummate skill.

Not to mention speed.

Which is of the essence.

The trick is to get as much of her trimmed within the goodwill/treat distraction period, which never, ever extends beyond 30 minutes.

This sounds like a long time, and to be fair, she is only a very small dog. But getting her to stay still, stand up, and not wriggle all over the show is no mean feat. By the time she starts grumbling we can tell by the position of her ears that she's had enough, and the clock is ticking.

Hopefully we will escape with only minor flesh wounds, and Small Dog will look reasonably symmetrical and neat.

If I'm up to it I'll provide photographic evidence of the procedure.


Michelle said...

I will be looking out for a photo of small dog and her VERY neat and tidy appearance, and for the owners I hope you survive the ordeal intact! :o)) lol

So glad that I have cats...who only need the very, very occasional bath!

Michelle xx

julie campbell said...

LOL Sandra, this is how we used to trim our westie, and only had around 5 minutes goodwill period so she had some unusual hair styles....one trip to the park post cut had an old lady ask me which type of dog she was. When told her she was a westie she looked at her for a little while then said "Are you sure ?" !
Have fun with the clippers ,
julie xxx

Deep Squeaker said...

Let the Wild Rumpus begin!