Sunday, 7 March 2010

Spring is in the air.........

It's been a lovely bright, sunny day today, with not a cloud in the clear blue sky. So we took Small Dog down to the seafront for her constitutional.

However, a bitingly cold easterly wind assailed us and within a short time we were frozen stiff, despite being appropriately layered.

Still, it was a lovely change from the grey, wet days of late, and despite the cold, there was a definite hint of spring in the air and the newly painted beach huts added a jaunty nautical air to the scene.

Small Dog is gradually recovering from her traumatic shearing the other day. Little does she know that she has an appointment at the vet tomorrow to have her claws trimmed.

She may never speak to us ever again.......

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Michelle said...

It’s been rather breezy here too…with a lovely blue sky. Not checked to see how choppy the sea is! :o)) Poor ole small dog she may well pack her belongings and leave once she sees sight of the Vet!! lol Good job dogs are loyal unlike cats!

Michelle xx