Sunday, 7 March 2010

Controlled taste testing............

Ethnicity can be a sensitive subject chez nous.

PP is of the opinion that as a Scot, I am primarily British.

But as she is of English extraction, she is primarily English.

This makes for some interesting 'debates' in our house, as you can imagine.

Anyhoo, I am a champion of all things Scottish. From fine single malt whiskies, to the unsurpassable scenery of the Western Isles. Living on the southernmost coast of England, there isn't much opportunity to partake of Caledonian delicacies, but in recent years, some of our culinary exports has made their way into sassenach supermarkets, not least of which is Mackie's Luxury Ice Cream.

PP doesn't reckon much to Mackie's, but for me it is food of the gods, and I like to think it is quite superior to many other ice creams.


Tonight we had a blind tasting.

In the blue corner, we had Mackie's. And in the red corner we had Beechdean Farmhouse Dairy Ice Cream which we only bought because it was on special offer in Tesco, as it is usually multo expensivo.

PP put a surreptitious dollop of each on separate plates, and with my eyes closed, I was fed a spoonful of each.

I was absolutely sure that the first spoonful, even with no comparison to go on, was Mackie's.
A spoonful of the second ice cream confirmed my decision. There was nothing intrinsically wrong with it, but it was a bit too sweet and synthetic tasting.

And whadyaknow?

I was right.



However, Small Dog, who is also a bit of an ice cream aficionado, also had to have a teaspoonful of each on her plate too.

Which naturally disappeared in a flash.

However, she was also adamant that the Mackie's was her absolute favourite.

I rest my case...........

I hasten to add here, that the pot was actually empty, and she was licking out the last few smidgens.

She's still licking her lips as I write, after having cleaned her face on the rug.

Bit of a gourmand, is Small Dog.


rosanna said...

Ethnicity is a funny thing.
I'm Italian I should say but truly I'm first of all Genoese. I feel Italian only when I'm abroad but here, at home,.... give me back the Repubblica Marinara and I want a Doge as well !
Scotland wins on England ten times. but please don't tell PP.

Irene said...

Well, for obvious reasons I give a double thumbs up to Mackies Ice Cream. Nothing quite like it!! You're truly a woman of taste - lol

Jean Day said...

So interesting, such a cute taste tester and gourmand. Half of my grandparents were English and the others Scottish, not sure what that has done to me, lol. I lean moreto the Scottish because my wonderful Scottish grandparents lived with us so many years. Loved their Glasgow area accent that they never lost. My grandfather was a wonderful craftsman.