Sunday, 28 March 2010

Let there be light........

The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed that the blog has been eerily quiet for a while. Perhaps you have surmised that there has been a dearth of blogworthy news of late.

I wish.

Quite the contrary.

As is the way of things, life has decided to throw a spanner in the works and the past week or so have resembled nothing so much as a roller-coaster of stress and emotional angst, which has rather taken its toll and the blog has been an unwitting victim.

Needless to say, my good intentions project-wise have also come to nought and even the smallest creative endeavour has been beyond me.

Which is galling and frustrating in equal measure.

On the plus side, the clocks went forward an hour today so it will be daylight till gone 7pm, which may help to boost my flagging energy reserves. Not to mention the prospect of an Easter camping trip, to which I am looking forward immensely.

As is Small Dog, who invariably gives a firm 'paws up' to any excursions in the campervan. It will be her birthday over the Easter weekend too so she is anticipating her boney fido party with mounting excitement.

I may even blog it.

Dongle permitting.


Debie Lyons said...

Hope things will get much better for you soon Sandra. There seems an awful lot of spanners flying about and doing all sorts of horrible things for a lot of people lately. Damn that spanner thrower and may they run out of spanners soon.
Debie xxxxx

Debbie said...

I did wonder where you'd disappeared too Sandra. Hope alls well now. Enjoy your Easter Camping trip and Happy Birthday to Small Dog for next weekend xxx

Michelle's Mad World said...

Yes, you have been missed Sandra! I hope things are improving for you now. :o))

Enjoy your Easter break, maybe you'll be having one of those sing-a-longs like you had for New Year? ;o)

Michelle xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandra,
I too have been showing a distinct absence of blogginess the past few days!
Doing too much is the usual retort from the medical chappies!

I shall be back today though... I think.

Happy Birthday from Delphi dog and I for the birthday, Small Dog! It's Delphi's on St. George's day. No doubt she too will be having a Boneyfido party!

Enjoy the Easter hol...we neeeeeeeed some good weather don't we?

julie campbell said...

Hope things sort out Sandra and youre soon "cooking with gas " again ! I agree with debie,that spanner thrower is out in force and arrived home from Miniatura to find a rather large one had been thrown our way in my abscence ....
spring is here though so that has to be good,hope small dog has a wonderful birthday and is spoiled rotten :0)
take care
julie xx

Irene said...

I noticed you hadn't been around recently and even checked back thinking I'd missed you but good to see you back and sorry to hear you've had stuff to deal with. Hopefully things will improve soon.