Thursday, 11 March 2010

Project heaven.........

I have been rather neglectful of my blog in recent days, for which I apologise.

Gorgeous Daughter had her 28th birthday at the weekend and has been visiting since Tuesday so I have been happily 'otherwise occupied'.

In other news, the next three days are going to be dedicated to sorting out my various projects, of which there are many, and starting to get properly organised for some serious 'playtime'.

The projects currently on the drawing board, are, in no particular order:
  • Small single storey shop to be redecorated and given an Art Nouveau makeover.
  • Small room box to be fitted out as a dollmaker's workshop.
  • DHE Pavilion kit, to be built and set in a neglected, overgrown garden setting.
  • Large room box kit - to be adapted and built to house a gorgeous Victorian day nursery.
  • Toy shop basement - still in kit form, to be adapted and built to house toymaker's and dollmaker's workrooms, plus a small office area, perhaps on a raised platform accessed by steps. This is the biggest single project as I have to completely redesign the front to create a doorway and two large windows. It also has to match the exterior of the toy shop architecturally, although I draw the line at any more herringbone brickwork.
That's quite a lot of projects, and they will take up quite a bit of space. However, as many of the associated tasks will be duplicated, for example assembling the three kits, painting, decorating, lighting etc, it would make sense to work on some of them at the same time, rather than doing one, then starting another etc. Once the basic assembly is completed, I can then work on the lighting in sequence, installing all the electrical gubbins at the same time.

Ditto floors, decorating etc.

The exceptions to this (hopefully) time saving procedure are the Art Nouveau shop and the pavilion folly, although as the folly is also currently in kit form, I can assemble it at the same time as the other kits. I have some rather exciting spray-on stone finish paint in Gotham Grey to use for that which will require a dry and wind-free day as I'll have to apply the spray outdoors.

However, that is all a week or so down the line. Today I want to sort through all the various bits and pieces destined for each project, and sort them out into designated boxes so that I can see what I still need in the way of fixtures, fittings and electrics and compile a shopping list. It's been so long since I started some of these projects (the toy shop basement kit is now 2 years old!) that I can't remember what I've already got and what is still required. Of course it doesn't help that I keep changing my mind.


After lunch I shall spend the rest of the afternoon with a notebook and assorted boxes, making careful, annotated notes on all the various elements for each project.

Which may well qualify as displacement activity.

But frankly my dears. I don't give a damn.

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Anonymous said...

This, Sandra, Is a blog after my own heart!

Don't tell anyone though will you....they might worry about my sanity!

Sue at PastMastery