Thursday, 11 March 2010

Crufts critique....

Small Dog and I are watching Crufts on TV. She even enjoys the commercial breaks which have focused strongly on doggy topics close to her heart, specifically stuff to eat.

She's sitting by my side, bolt upright on a cushion, expressing her opinion on all the various breeds in action, and was particularly vocal earlier during the agility dogs section as they raced around the obstacle course.

Right now they're showing a range of doggy overalls which can be made to measure and which she has disdainfully rejected on grounds of good taste.

Ah, now they have a vet giving advice on doggy flatulence, from which, thankfully Small Dog does not suffer.

It's on every day till Sunday, so that's mine and Small Dog's viewing schedule sorted then. We're especially looking forward to the 'Heelwork to Music' section at the weekend. Better get supplies of tasty nibbles and gravy bones in then .........


Debbie said...

Just watched the video through. I love this when they dance togther brilliant.
Has for the nibbles and Gravy bones, when we lived in Kent Harry and the little boy who lived next door used to eat those gravy bones instead of giving them to the Dogs. If you do taste them Sandra, let us know what there like..LOL

julie campbell said...

Fab video Sandra,made me smile this morning :0)
julie xxx

Anonymous said...

Oh Sandra..

I wish I had a telly... I can see Delphi Dog and I wasting time ...ahem...I mean 'critically observing'- Crufts, for helpful tips and inspiring advice.

No work would get done for the duration.

And that's just Delphi....

who by the way asks me if she can have a nice picture of Small Dog for her "collection" please?
Autographs are her hobby!

Sue and DD ( Demon Delphi )