Saturday, 22 October 2011

Bad to worse..........

Just when you start to think that things are looking up and getting back on track, something unexpected will sneak up behind you and whack you over the head.

My lovely daughter, who had an appendectomy last weekend, was supposed to be coming down here today to complete her convalescence over the next few days, giving me the opportunity to do some hands-on nurturing, make dippy egg and soldiers, install the Healing Paw dog and generally do what mums always want to do whenever their children are poorly.

However, she has had to be re-admitted to hospital with post-surgery complications so she's stuck 150 miles away, back in limbo again, in pain, worried and completely stressed out.  She's been on and off 'nil by mouth' twice in the past 12 hours, is still having IV fluids and just waiting, waiting, waiting to be told what's going on.

Worst case scenario is that they may have damaged nerves to the lower bowel.  Blood tests have allegedly ruled out an infection, although apparently there could still be an abcess.  She was due to have a diagnostic scan first thing this morning but they've moved the goalposts and are now saying Monday.  

It seems that if you're going to be ill enough to need hospital treatment, make sure it's on a weekday (and preferably not a Friday) so that all the relevant staff are on hand to sort you out.  She had the same problem last weekend, with her 'emergency' surgery delayed for a day due to lack of staff/theatre slots etc.

Also, being in hospital is a stressful enough business at the best of times, but it's the total  inconsistency which is hard to bear.  Told one thing by one person, then a different thing by another.  Expecting to have one procedure imminently, then not being informed that the plan has changed.
I phoned the hospital myself this morning to try to find out what's happening (or to be more accurate what's NOT happening) and they seem to know about as much about her care plan as Small Dog does about simultaneous equations, which isn't much. 

So I'm just hovering by the phone, waiting for news, unable to concentrate on anything at all. I should be working on the website but that's not going to happen.  I might try and do some light dusting, or rearrange the bookshelves, or tidy up the workroom.  Something, anything just to try to keep the free-floating worry at bay.



Elga said...

Oh no Sandra, that is horrid, thinking of you and your daughter, I hope the hospital get themselves in gear soon and help her, I hope for good news soon!!!

Lots of hugs!!!!

Sandra Morris said...

Thanks Elga.....

I hope so too.


debbie's mini thoughts and creations said...

take care and i hope everything turns out ok mini hugs x

Sandra Morris said...

Thanks Debbie.... they're keeping her in hospital tonight then hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to get some sense out of someone.


pastmastery said...

Hope all is sorted now. Hugs and love coming your way.
S,s and DD xxx