Thursday, 20 October 2011


Really cold and frosty this morning..... we even had ice on the car windscreen!  Hard to believe that only a few short weeks ago we were basking in (admittedly unseasonable) temperatures up in the high 80s.

So autumn has now arrived with a vengeance and temperatures have plummeted.  What better time then, to have to have all your windows open due to them being re-painted. Good timing or what?

Small Dog has taken to her bed in disgust at the icy blasts blowing in from all directions and I don't blame her.  We finally cracked last night and put the central heating on for the first time since early April.  Admittedly the sun is shining from a mostly cloudless sky, but it's only 6 degrees outside at the moment so it can reasonably be described as 'cold'.

With all the windows in the workroom wide open, I've retreated to the 'relative' warmth of the office, to put in some work on the new website.  Time is ticking away and we have just 11 days to get it finished before it (hopefully) goes live on November 1st.

To coincide with the relaunch of the site, we will also be inviting miniaturists worldwide to join us in celebration of an old-fashioned miniature Christmas with our online vintage advent calendar.

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during November we will have festive features, competitions, stories, giveaways, how-to's and lots more, not to mention a very special online Christmas workshop.

Then from December 1st right through till Christmas Eve there will be a new page every day with wonderful festive surprises, including a selection of new miniature toys and dolls, designed exclusively for the event.

Hopefully you will find much to inform, interest, amuse and entertain you, so look out for your special invitation in just 11 days......

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