Wednesday, 26 October 2011

End of Days.........

We had some apocalyptic weather here yesterday afternoon.

Namely this.....
Apparently it wandered along the seafront from Hastings to St. Leonards then made off towards Bexhill.  Now that's not something you see every day.

We also had a very sudden, dramatic thunderstorm, which seemed to appear from nowhere.  Sunny blue skies one minute, huge black thunderclouds the next.  Small Dog is not a great lover of thunder so she retreated under the blanket in her basket till the storm abated. 

Startling stuff.

In other news, Christmas catalogues are now forming the bulk of our daily postal delivery and while idly leafing through one of them at breakfast this morning I came across this....
Apparently it's written by a quantum physics expert (go figure) who adopted an extremely bright 'talking dog' who took to quantum theory like a quark to a gluon.  She (the dog) uses quantum tunnelling to get through the neighbour's fence to chase rabbits, and muses on the potential of quantum teleportation to catch squirrels before they climb out of reach.


Small Dog isn't the sharpest knife in the box (although she does have us extremely well trained to do her bidding with the merest tilt of her head or the application of Cold Wet Nose to any exposed skin surface) but she's the only other talking dog I know, so I thought I'd run a few theories past her to gauge her reaction.  

To paraphrase, she was fairly certain about Heisenbergz's Uncertainty Principle.  And by the time we got to  Schrödinger's Cat she was definitely on a roll, and all geared up to apply for a research grant to prove the theory that if you take a cat, and stick it in a box with a thing that will kill it 50% of the time, before you open the box, the cat is both alive and dead at the same time.

She is of the opinion that anything to do with putting cats in boxes, with things that might or might not kill them is a genius idea, and completely in line with her thoughts on quantum physics.

And there was me thinking that quantum physics was dull and incomprehensible.  If Small Dog can get a handle on it there may be hope for me yet.



pastmastery said...

Ah yes....Delphi too is a bit of a past mastery( forgive) at Quantum everythings.

She too is speaking dog though not as good as my previous Dachshund Cello. She was amazing and had this book been around then...she would have re-written it.

BTW Delphi says " de wey dat dog iz luking at dat bord - dare is a mistayk in ther thincing. It shood reed
E= f± 5 over 3 ( d2 ) = COL 42 - 9. OBVEERUS REELY!

Love DDxxxx and Sx

Sandra Morris said...

helo DD....

Gude to here from yoo. i agrea that kwontum fizzicks is knot thatt hard. i espeshali liek shroadingers katt witch is brilyant, altho i olsew hav a soft spott for string theeri.

Purhapps we shude kolaburait on a buke.....?

yores afeckshonaitli
SD xxxxx