Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Day the Earth Caught Fire......

At last the madness of the unseasonal weather has abated and temperatures are much neared to the seasonal average.

Of course I had to choose the hottest October days in the history of ever to spend the weekend in London, parts of which were eerily akin to that film about the earth heading towards the sun after it was shifted off its axis by H-bomb explosions.


It was ridiculously hot.  Even the breeze was hot, as if it had come straight off the Saharan sands.  

It felt as through the entire population of London was out on the streets, in the parks and gardens, spilling out of pavement cafes into the roads and everyone had a faintly baffled expression, as through something not quite right was going on.  

This was borne out by the fact that the trees are wearing their autumnal colours, and the leaves are falling in drifts.  It just didn't seem possible that summer had returned with a final, blistering flourish so late in the season.

No matter, the weather has finally got a grip and is behaving in a much more rational manner.

So, back to work today and if I stop to think about what I have to do this week/month then I will probably have a fit of the vapours, so I'm breaking it down into bite-sized chunks in the hope that tackling it a little bit at a time won't seem quite so impossibly daunting.  However I keep catching sight of the hugeness of the task out of the corner of my eye which isn't helping my equilibrium one bit.

Right, must get back to it.  First thing on the list this afternoon?  

Yes, you've guessed it.  Tidy my work desk. 


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