Sunday, 9 October 2011

Sod's Law.......

I have been soft-cleaning FOR EVER.

I have the hands of a drownded corpse, fished from the river after 10 days.  Grey, puckered and wrinkled doesn't even come close to describing them.

Prune-like would be a compliment.  At least prunes have a modicum of juiciness.  A combination of soaking in water and the dehydrating qualities of porcelain clay dust have sucked all the moisture out of my skin, giving me the hands of a 90-year old.

And judging by the state of them she won't be wanting them back any time soon.

I estimate that I have about another 6 hours of soft-cleaning before I've finished the two trays of tiny castings.  Even so, I don't think there's enough to even half fill my kiln, which is a bit of a blow.  A full bisque firing takes a minimum of half a day and adds ££s to our electricity bill, so it makes fiscal sense to ensure it's full.  In order to achieve this, I would have to do another full week's casting and go through the whole soft-fire/soft-clean rigmarole yet again.

I'm not sure I have enough life left in me to do that. Although the upside would be that I'd probably have enough stock to last for the 6 months. 

Except I just know, that whatever I haven't cast, will suddenly become extraordinarily popular, and despite the fact I've got oodles of other toys and dolls, there will be an overwhelming demand for ones I haven't got and I'll have to go through the whole thing again.

Life's like that......


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