Thursday, 6 October 2011

Favourite tools..... tweezers

Sometimes the simplest tools are the most useful.  There are few tools I use EVERY day, and this pair of  tweezers is one of them....

 So far, so simple.  

But there are features about these precision tweezers which make them indispensable.....

Firstly they have lovely angled points which are very fine.  In addition, the inside edges of the points are finely ridged, which help provide a firm grip to any tiny item.

They are nicely weighted and balanced, and easy to use.  The 'springing' is very light and consequently they aren't tiring to use for prolonged periods.

I've had this particular pair for nigh on 20 years and have only been able to find only one other identical pair languishing in the Hastings Sewing Centre several years ago.  It was from old stock and despite extensive internet searching I have never found another, so I guard my two pairs very closely.

Over the years I've tried many other tweezers, including the dreadfully counter-intuitive 'reverse tweezers' which have a default closed position, and have to be squeezed to open them, but always return to my old favourites. 

They have a multitude of uses, including turning tiny sleeves, placing individual silk bows and roses, and of course creating miniature wigs.


maria said...

That's my favorite tool too! but i can not remember where i found it, i think i have it more than ten years.
My second favorite tool is the small wooden sticks(prikkertjes), i use it for almost anything.

Sandra Morris said...

I use those small wooden sticks a lot too. We call them cocktail sticks. Perfect for adding a minute dot of glue exactly where it's needed.


Cornelia said...

I have nearly identical tweezers, and I couldn't do without them. They are my third hand! I found them at a jumble sale 7 or 8 years ago, and I never managed to find another pair as fine and easy to handle. Mine have the same little protuding metal part inside which prevents closing them too tightly. I could more or less replace my other tools, but not my tweezers!