Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Small Dog shops till she drops......

We popped into Pets at Home today to buy a present for our friend's new puppy, and took Small Dog along with us as it's one of the very few shops which welcome dogs in store.

She was absolutely fascinated by the sights and smells and had to peruse every aisle, closely scrutinising the doggy apparel, squeaky toys, collars & leads, canine accouterments etc.

All was going reasonably well until some fool started testing out the squeaky toys.  

It wasn't us.  Honest.  We were three aisles away, trying to persuade Small Dog that a rawhide chew the size of a brontosaurus leg was probably a bit ambitious.  However as soon as she heard the cacophony of squeaks she forgot all about trying to pull the 4 foot chew out of the display and headed off to the dog toy section to give her consumer viewpoint.  She had to be lured away with a pig's ear.

Such was her excitement that she subsequently wee'd in the dog travel accessories aisle, which we shamefacedly soaked up with a pack of tissues before we spied the bucket and mop strategically placed for just such a (presumably frequent) fox's paw.

She was enjoying herself so much that we had to literally drag her outside.  As soon as she realised that we were leaving she planted her paws, locked her legs and refused to budge. Thankfully, she doesn't have the staying power of a rottweiler so to spare us further embarrassment we picked her up and hurried off.

Here are some of her favourite bits......

Small Dog makes a start on her Christmas list

Don't they have anything in Eau de Nil....?

Burberry is sooooo last season dahlink.....

Checking out a cheeky little dog beer.....

No joke!  It really is Dog Beer.

Decisions, decisions..... sausages or pig's ears?

A little after-dinner snack.....?

A chew bigger than Small Dog.  She loves a challenge.....




PP (Pam) said...

I blumin hayd a lurvli daai ayt Perts ayt Ome. Iy wud loyk tu gow bac veri soown aynd chooz mi owan Cwismus pwesernt. Thart is fur mi aynd nort sum uva dawg :-)

pastmastery said...



Smorl Dawg,
eet is sotcsh a pitee vat yoo doo not liv in Brakleee.
Ai am welcum in soooow manee siops. Dat is wot it ees laik livin in a smorl plais.Nowwun myndz.

I am glard dat yoo had a gud taim in Petz at Ome...mai Daddee taiks me dere...but AI do not weee in der iyl.

Ai just choo de bowns!




Sandra Morris said...

helo DD....

yoo ar so luki to bea abil two go intoo shopps.

i luv pettsathoam. it has ecksellent snifins and frea stuf reeli lo doun.
Mi mumz tolled me of forr trien to eet sum of it butt i arsk yoo... whi wood thay poot delishus stuf lo doun iff thay dident wont dogs to eet it?

I amm ashaimed i weed onn the floar. mi mum kleend it upp kwite kwikli tho so i doant thinc eniwun noatisd. sumtyms i gett two ecksited.

yores afeckshonatli

Mags Cassidy said...

It's just as well that I like you all because you are all..........
Barking mad....
Small dog....glad you had a nice are the only sensible one!

Sandra Morris said...


I hardly think that sneaking dog treats from the floor level displays then weeing on the floor qualifies Small Dog as 'sensible'.

As for being barking.... guilty as charged.

Robin said...

Yeah barking...but lovely with it.Lol