Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Website update...........

Work continues apace on the latest incarnation of the Tower House Dolls website.  The site was first registered in January 2000 and over the last 11 years has undergone many, many changes.

The first available archived version is from August 2000 when the site was in its infancy.  Since then it has evolved in an organic although not necessarily methodical way (version from July 2005 ).

Last year PP completely redesigned the site in its current form making it much easier to update and administer.  This also coincided with my decision to stop making  1/12th doll's house characters, which I'd been doing for over 20 years, and concentrate full-time on smaller scale toys and dolls for doll's house children. 

During the transition period we had two websites running simultaneously, one winding down the 1/12th dolls and kits, the other showcasing my miniature toys - Diminutive Dolls.  However now that we no longer need both sites, we will be dispensing with the more costly option and closing the Diminutive Dolls website when the hosting package comes up for renewal in a few months time.  

So, next week (fingers crossed) the new Tower House Dolls site will re-open with our new ranges of miniature toys, games and playthings, along with some exciting new events in the offing.

However in the meantime both PP and I still have LOTS to do to the new site so I'd better go and get on.

No interweb-based displacement activity for me today.

No siree.

No by no nonny no.......

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