Tuesday, 22 November 2011

1000th post......!!!

In all the trauma of Small Dog's surgery yesterday I completely overlooked the fact that yesterday I published my 1000th post!

I've been keeping an eye on the blog post count for the past week or so, and was hoping that the 1000th post would coincide with my blog's 5th birthday on December 4 but I couldn't just NOT post for a few weeks to engineer such a happenstance.

Every now and then I take a trip down memory lane and just click on a post at random from the past 5 years and more often than not I either hit upon a tale based on Small Dog's adventures, or more likely, a rant about how untidy the workroom is.  This recurring theme is a testament to complete inability to keep either of my desks tidy, or maintain any kind of organisational clarity in the workroom.

Indeed today, as I'm sleep deprived and feeling decidedly under the weather, the limit of my creative endeavour has been to tidy my desk in the workroom AND my desk in the 'office'.  I will restrain myself from posting any more 'before and after' images as regular readers of this drivel blog will be only too aware of just how messy they usually are.

However, just because I'm not going to reveal my own detritus, doesn't mean I can't 'out' other similarly afflicted persons, courtesy of a great cleaning company blog.

Here is just one example of a desk which reaches the pinnacle of messiness.

 And there are more HERE.

Thankfully, neither of my desks are EVER as bad as any of those.  So they're something to aspire to........

Oh, and before I forget, I will be having a joint 1000th post/5th blog birthday celebration on the weekend of 3/4 December so look out for details coming soon.


Irene said...

Well done on your 1000th post - certainly a notable occasion!

I hope small dog is ok!

Office Cleaners London said...

The mess is fine as long as you can work in such an environment. I personally can't. I have a regular office cleaning company which does the tiding up and cleaning for me and I don't have such problems.