Monday, 21 November 2011

V.E.T. Day.......

Up early this morning to take Small Dog to the specialist orthopaedic vet in Tenterden.  She was initially extremely enthusiastic, especially when she saw we were taking her carry basket, which usually heralds a camping trip.

Her enthusiasm waned though, when we reached the vet, and the realisation dawned that she was not camping after all.  Both she and a little beagle pup were scheduled for surgery today.  The beagle got under one of her owner's chairs and pressed herself as far back against the wall as possible.  Small Dog sat on PP's lap and trembled fit to bust.

She is probably undergoing the surgery as I write.  The vet explained that he will have to deepen the groove in her leg bone, relocate the kneecap, re-attach the ligament and secure it with a metal pin.  I made a cardinal error yesterday and looked online for information on luxating pattela surgery, which produced a barrage of horrific looking images of sorry-looking hounds, some of whom looked like canine Edward Scissorhands, they had so much metalwork in, on and around the leg.

We have to ring the surgery just after lunchtime to see how she's doing, then hopefully go and pick her up late afternoon/early evening.  In the meantime I have to try to keep myself gainfully occupied.  I suspect that any creative endeavour is probably beyond me, so I'm going to tackle the workroom and give it a thorough tidy up and clean.

Further medical bulletins will be posted later today.........

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Elga said...

Hang in there, waiting is always the horrible part, will keep a beady eye on your blog for updates.

X Elga