Friday, 18 November 2011

Countdown to Monday.........

I'm feeling just a tad trepidatious about this weekend as on Monday we will be taking Small Dog to a specialist orthopaedic vet with a view to her having surgery on her luxating patella.
We picked up her (very expensive) X-rays from our vet this morning and will take them with us on Monday...... depending on what the specialist vet decides, she may actually have her surgery on the day.

Apparently she will have to stay in a crate for up to 6 weeks, which she will HATE!  I'm not looking forward to any part of it either, especially Monday and the prospect of waiting to pick her up following her operation.

Poor wee mite.......


Robin said...

Everything crossed for it all to go well.

Susan said...

Best wishes to small dog for a good outcome!

She will cope well with her incarceration if you give her 'time-out' at set times each day when she is just cuddled and loved. Our Georgie had a long incarceration due to the ligament damage during surgery, she slept a lot and chewed a lot of big raw bones and really enjoyed the special cuddle times.

Elga said...

I hope all goes well for the operation and good luck with coping with her 6 weeks in "THE CRATE". I think the hardest thing about small children and pets are that you can't explain to them what is happening, just as they can't tell you how they feel. My thoughts are with you.

Sandra Morris said...

Thanks for the good wishes everyone.....

I'll just be glad when Monday is over and she's home safe and sound.


KT Miniatures said...

Yes...and it is a good luck for Monday from me too Sandra. Am sure all of you will be fine. Celia

Anonymous said...

Helow SMorl Dawg
AI doo howp yoo get betur soown.

sicks weeecks in a krait! Blime mee!

Ai wil bee thinkin of yoo the hole taim!


Anonymous said...

Helow Smorl Dawg
Sicks weeeks in a krait...Cor Blime mee!

AI wil bee thinkin of yoo the hole taim!

Git betur soown.
Yoo will be a gud runer aftur wabits wen you ar ficksed!