Friday, 25 November 2011

Plan C......

I've had my suspicions over the past three nights, but last night they were confirmed.

The airbed has a slow puncture.

Every now and then over the three days, we've 'topped it up' with the electric inflating thingy as it seemed a bit spongy.  Each morning we seemed to hover mere millimetres above the floor and there was an uncharacteristic and unseemly rush to be first up so that the remaining sleeper hit the floor with a thunk.

Even Small Dog, who was quite keen on the airbed during the day, disdained to lie on it in the mornings until it was fully inflated.

So after three increasingly uncomfortable nights we've thrown in the towel, deflated what remained of the air in the (mis-named) airbed and are back to square one.

Thankfully, Small Dog does seem to have rallied somewhat today.  She was particularly down and depressed yesterday and I feared her spirit was broken, which I'd hitherto believed to be indomitable.  She was hardly eating or drinking and refusing to go outside. But worst of all were the sad, accusing looks she kept giving us, over the top of her bad leg.

She seems to have regained the will to live today though and has even eaten her dinner, in which we had cunningly concealed her medication.  Granted, I had to hand-feed it to her, morsel by morsel, taking care not to wax too lyrical over the bits which had the pills secreted in them, but at least she has eaten.  

In other news, I have belatedly realised that Christmas is looming ever closer.  Aside from work-related festive preparations my personal preparations are still in the starting blocks.

I have done absolutely NOTHING.

No planning, no lists, no shopping.....


Perhaps I'll take a run at it this weekend........


Michelle said...

I have been catching up on all your recent posts as I have been rather remiss with that!

Poor SD, I hope she is soooo much better now and maybe hobbling around a little better? No doubt she will be back to her normal self soon! :o))

Christmas...only a month away, thank goodness I have almost all my presents...I just have to write cards and wrap presents now!

Michelle xx

Sandra Morris said...


Thank you for your good wishes for Small Dog. I will pass them on to her. :-)

Sooooo pleased to hear that you have done almost all your Christmas shopping. Only card writing and present wrapping to do....lucky you.



Robin said...

Glad to hear SD is improving..let's face it - if our legs had been mangled and mashed we'd be a bit depressed for a day or two as well....air bed......OMG - such a giggle.

Sandra Morris said...

Thanks for the good wishes for SD. I think she's over the worst
*fingers crossed*

Dave Williams said...

Good to hear small dog is improving.
Perhaps a visit to Halfords for a puncture outfit may be needed before Christmas or added to your Christmas present wish list.

dale's dreams said...

So glad to hear that small dog is doing better. :)

Our hearts just go out to our animals.